Domestic Operations

See Your Organization's Domestic Operations Readiness

Enhanced Knowledge of Equipment Availability

ImageASD integrates all aviation data sources like aircraft, aircrew and equipment availability allowing the Commanders and staff to see, in real-time, what aircraft resources are truly available. A true DOMOPs status includes qualified aircrew from CAFRS, available aircraft from ACN and functional mission equipment. The combination of these factors give leadership a true unit readiness perspective for contingent missions. ASD automatically sends this data to subscribed users daily.

Easy to Understand DOMOPs Status Dashbord

ImageThe ASD DOMOPS module combined with the equipment, module provides a perspective of mission equipment availability. This equipment availability is dependent on the selected mission sets (depending on mission, aircraft type, design). The module will show what missions are constrained by limited equipment. For instance, if the AASF/Battalion has a mission set of wildland firefighting, the number of usable aircraft water buckets is calculated and displayed with constraints.

Know What is Constraining Your DOMOPS Mission

ImageThere are a tremendous number of variables that the organization has to understand to truly know how thorough the organization mission ready response might be. ASD will calculate the constraint elements of each of four missions, Search and Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, Medevac and General Aviation Support. Constraints like RL1 Medics or hoists you have in the organization, or the number of FMC buckets you have for firefighting compared to aircraft maintenance mission capable aircraft and aircrew currency. When compared for each mission set, the result will illustrate not only the number of mission ready aircraft, crew and equipment there is within the organization, it will also show the limiting factors.