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The Incredible Security for Aviation Status
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

Security Built-in From Day One.

The Aviation Status Dashboard platform has Interim approval (IATO/IATC) for use on the Department of Defense networks. We expect a full ATO by August 2023. Below are the significant efforts to achive a fully risk assessed platform for use by its Warfighters.

New March of 2024, ASD is at final stage for recommendation to the Authorizing Official (AO).

New January of 2024, ASD was submitted to NETCOM Security Control Assessor-Representative (SCA-R) by National Guard Cyber team for final recommendation to the Authorizing Official (AO).

New December of 2023 completed NETCOM Third Party Assessment - Security Control Assessor-Validator (SCA-V) with minumual findings.

Oct of 2023, ASD was submitted to the Third Party Assessment - Security Control Assessor-Validator (SCA-V) by the government System Owner (SO).

July of 2023, ASD System Security Plan (SSP) was approved by the Army/NG Authorizing Official (AO)

July of 2023, ASD is “Completed-Approved.” in Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS) by the US Army CIO/G6.

When a new product is approved in APMS, it means that the product has passed through a series of reviews and has met the necessary requirements set by the U.S. Army for IT investments. The product has been found to align with the Army's strategy and functional capabilities, and its associated costs have been evaluated and deemed acceptable.

After a 3+ year process, the ASD approval in APMS indicates that the product can be included in the Army's inventory of active IT investments. It's ready for use or further development, and its details will be maintained in APMS for ongoing management and oversight. This approval is crucial for ensuring that the Army's IT investments are effectively managed, align with its strategy, and provide value for the resources spent.

ASD was approved in the Training & Readiness (T&R) domain Business Mission Area

July of 2023, the System Owner summited its' "Self assesment" using the NWIC SCAP Compliance Checker

June of 2023, ASD Security Plan was submitted to approval by the Authorizing Official

June of 2023, HQDA G-3/5/7 Strategic Operations - Recommends ASD be included in the Training & Readiness (T&R) domain Business Mission Area as part of the Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS) system

March of 2023, the ASD Platform eMass record was cloned and provided to the 7th Signal Command 7ID for the Active Duty to complete it's IATT/IATO/ATO

Febuary of 2023, the ASD Platform had the DoD "Sentinel Record" applied and approved for RMF 2.0

September of 2022, the ASD Platform was submitted for a Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS) registration

August of 2022, the ASD Platform was moved into a new workflow; the platform assessment was moved from an Assess only " to an "Assess and Authorize" RMF

July of 2022, NETCOM compleated its assesment of the ASD Platform with limited issues requiring nominal updates and no new POA&M entries.

July of 2022, the ASD Platform was subimitted/approved for both a Privacy Act System of Record Notice Issuances (SORN) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

September of 2021, the ASD Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) was approved by NGB-G6

October of 2021, the ASD was assessed by the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) and approved Security Control Assessment Validation and Risk Assessment was set to "Low Risk"

February of 2020, the ASD achieved an Interim Authority To Test (IATO) by the the California National Guard JFHQ-DoDIN.

July of 2019, the ASD acheived an Interim Authority To Test (IATT) by the the California National Guard.

June of 2019, the Army CIO provided ASD with the Information Technology Approval System (ITAS) approval based on their assessment. This allowed ASD to be purchased accordance with FARS - PART 5139 (Acquisition of Information Technology).

May of 2019, the Lulius Innovation assisted NGB and the California National Guard in setting up its Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMass) account to process the new Risk Managment Framework assessment of the ASD platform

December of 2019, The California Natioanl Guard J6 requested the ASD platform be assessed as an "assess only" application as part of the new Risk Management Framework (RMF)

September of 2017, ASD platform was "grandfathered" into the DIACAP approval process because its Server platform and client frontend was included on the DoD Software Approval List (ASL)

The Aviation Status Dashboard was intentionally designed to remain inside the T32 network and not need Internet connectivity to function. The application needs to remain on the same LAN segment as the organizations ACN server(s). Server and software configurations conform in accordance with DoD Standard Installation Guide

Additional details on the security configuration and compliance with Army Regulation 25-2, please contact us at info (at) avnstatus.com.