Unleash Your Army Aviation Organization's Data

Aviation Status focuses data created by your aviation organization into one location.

Better Serve Your Soldiers

Aviation Status provides status to your Soldiers on facility functions like Flight Schedules, AFTPs and Pay timeliness.

New View on Aviation Data

Aviation Status gives management and maintainers a new view of aircraft maintenance, equipment readiness and AASF supply.

Aviation Status Dashboard is the next generation of resource management and data visualization for Army Aviation organizations

Integrated with aviation datasets like Aircraft Notebook (ACN) for Tactical, Lakota and now C-12 aircraft, CAFRS and IPPSA coupled with cutting edge technologies to leverage your organizations operations, Aviation Status Dashboard (ASD) incorporates a set of tools to help automate redundant tasks like flight scheduling, reading file management and flight hour estimation.

See it in Action

Aviation Status Tools and Dashboard


These tools provide your organization with an unprecedented level of readiness and keep your users not only aware but involved.

Aviation Status Dashboard

Video Short

With Aviation Status Dashboard, you and your users will be more informed, better prepared and knowledgeable of the operations within your organization. The above video highlights how the Aviation Status Dashboard application will help your organization